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SIP Accessories

SIP LD Fastener

• Drill Point for quick penetration

• Large Pancake Type Head, #3 Square Drive

• #3 Square Drive Bit in each pail

• Thread design to maximize
performance and increase pull out value

• Tru-KoteTM
epoxy coating (black)
exceeds FM Standard 4470

• Available in lengths 3" to 18"

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SIP HD Fastener

• #3 Square Drive Bit in each container

• Low profile, pancake head provides
excellent pull-through resistance

• Special drop-nose drill point designed to
drill and tap nested steel purlins (16-10 ga.)
or bar joists (max. 1/4" thick)

• Spiral grooved threads to minimize binding

• Large diameter wire for increased shear

• Available in 6", 8", 9 3/4", 11 3/4", 13 3/4"

To see more info on the SIPHD click here...SIPHD


Our adhesive is a professional grade, latex-based
construction adhesive designed for drywall and other panel applications. This non-flammable, low
gassing adhesive can be used for all interior and in-plant construction use. This ultra-low VOC product
offers fast strength development and high shear strength, making it well suited for a variety of
construction projects requiring high bond strength. The product’s unique formulation offers Green
Builders a high performance construction adhesive over traditional solvent based adhesives without
sacrificing strength and performance. Engineered for use with most building materials.

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the Adhesive click here...Panel Adhesive

SIP Tape

SIP Tape is a laminate of a specially-formulated, permanently pressure sensitive, cured butyl-based adhesive and a unique cross-laminated polyethylene membrane. The adhesive has been designed to have excellent specific adhesion to a wide range of plywood and oriented strand boards (OSB). The polyethylene film has excellent strength and temperature resistance. Together they provide an excellent barrier to air and water.

SIP Tape is available in standard roll form in widths of 4”, 6”, 9”, 12”, and 18”. The nominal thickness of the adhesive is 18 mils. Other widths and adhesive thickness are also available on a special order basis. All products are supplied on a high strength, specially-designed release liner.

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the SIP Tape click here...SIP Tape

Single component foam

Touch ‘n Seal Quick Cure foams are high
performance, single component, moisture curing,
Class 1 fire retardant, expanding polyurethane
sealants. Quick Cure sealants are available in
both straw dispensed aerosol cans and larger
cylinders with hoses and applicators.
Quick Cure sealants are available in High Yield
(HY) and Reduced Expansion (RX) formulations.
Use Quick Cure HY when high expansion is
needed to fill and seal larger gaps and cracks.
Use Quick Cure RX when requiring controlled
dispensing rate and less post expansion. Both
formulations are tack free in 30 minutes or less,
can be trimmed in 1 hour and are fully cured in
about 24 hours, depending upon humidity and

To see more info on
the Quick Cure click here...Quick Cure

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