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Lamit Industries and LEED*

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED*) Green Building Rating System represents the U.S. Green Building Council's effort to provide a national standard for what constitutes a "green building." Through its use as a design guideline and third-party
certification tool, LEED aims to improve occupant well being, environmental performance and economic returns of buildings using established and innovative practices, standards and technologies.

The LEED* building rating system has been established to evaluate every aspect of the construction process, and building components, used in new and existing buildings. While the main emphasis is on energy efficiency, conservation, and the overall "health" of the building, the use of "green" products contributes favorably to the overall rating of a building.
Lamit Industries’ Structural Insulated Panels meet the requirements as specified in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED*) Green Building Rating System. Our commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental responsibility, is distinguished by the products and services offered at our
manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ohio.

Lamit Industries’ Green Build Mission:
• Provide Structural Insulated Panel systems that contribute points to the LEED* GreenBuilding Rating System.
• Aid architects/engineers, designers, building owners, and contractors, in achieving a LEED* certified building by supplying energy efficient and environmentally responsible products that will have a positive impact on the environment and community.

Meeting LEED* requirements with Lamit Industries:

In the LEED* Rating System Product Portfolio, designers will choose LEED* for New Construction (NC) when utilizing products manufactured by Lamit Industries. This portfolio is appropriate for new commercial construction and major renovation projects.

Lamit Industries’ products are relevant in either LEEDfor New Construction Version 2.2 or
Version 2.1. These versions may be viewed at www.leedbuilding.org

Lamit Industries and LEED*-EA Prerequisite 2: Fundamental Energy Performance-

Lamits’ Structural Insulated Panel systems provide high R-Values. Installations have few thermal shortcuts providing very complete R-value coverage.

Lamit Industries and LEED*-EA Credit 1: Optimized Energy Performance-

Lamit Industries’ Structural Insulated Panel systems provide high R-Values up to R-48.

Lamit Industries and LEED*- MR Credits 2.1 and 2.2: Construction Site Waste Management-
Lamit products are typically cut to 1/8" of the specified length at the factory reducing or eliminating field cuts and waste at the site. Lamit products are shipped without the need for boxing and minimal if any crating, reducing packaging for minimal site waste. Lamit products are biodegradable and can be composted or ground up for soil amendment, eliminating
landfill needs.

Lamit Industries and LEED*- MR Credit 5.1: Regional Materials-

Lamit Industries’ manufacturing facility for Structural Insulated Panels is located in Columbus, Ohio. This may contribute to LEED*- MR Credit 5.1 if the project is within 500 miles of this manufacturing plant.

Lamit Industries and LEED*- MR Credit 7: Certified Wood-

Lamit Industries is partnered with companies committed to Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). They are also CSA Certified and all certification documents are available upon request.

See the manufacture’s letter here

Lamit Industries and LEED*- EQ Credit 4.1: Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives
 and Sealants-
The VOC Content of the Panel Adhesives must be less than 50 g/L

Lamit uses OSI® GreenSeries™ Drywall & Panel Construction Adhesive which qualifies for this credit as the VOC Content is < 3 g/L. 

See the manufacture’s letter here

Lamit Industries and LEED*- EQ Credit 4.4: Low-Emitting Materials, Composite
 Wood & Agifiber Products-
Lamit Industries makes buying the best wood its highest priority. All of our OSB is APA certified and contains no Urea Formaldehyde. It is G5 Certified and is also HUD and CARB Formaldehyde exempt.

See the manufacture’s letter here

Lamit Industries and LEED*- ID1-1.4: Innovation in Design-

Lamit Industries’ Structural Insulated Panels may qualify for this strategy as they provide structural walls and roof, thermal value and a nailable substrate in one quick to install panel.

The use of our panel systems provide the synergy of many trades into one product, reducing construction time, shipping miles, and energy, as the panels are factory assembled and shipped complete and ready for installation.

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